Location: Fair Oaks, VA
Posted: May 15, 2018

Job Description:
Duties of Position: -Provide medical social services to clients in their homes in accordance with physician orders and under the direction and supervision of the Director of Nursing or another appropriate supervisor.

Job Requirements:

Position Responsibilities Include: 

  • Assist in the admission process of the client to the agency by performing an initial evaulation, assessing the client's psychosocial status and evaluating the client, family and home to identify socioeconomic and emotional factors that will affect the plan of treatment. 
  • Assist in development and implementation of the interdisciplinary client care plan as it pertains to medical social work. 
  • Observe, record and report changes in the client's emotional and social factors that affect the client's illness and his/her need for care and his/her response to treatment. 
  • Consult with the attending physician concerning alteration of the plan of treatment. 
  • Maintain and submit written clinical records as deemed by the agency, including the initial evauluation, the care plan and daily. 
  • Evaluate the clients and family's response to, and effectiveness of, the medical social work intervention. 
  • Confirm, on a weekly basis, the scheduling of visits with the Director or Nursing to facilitate coordination of other staff visits. 
  • Participate in agency activities and committees when appropriate to include staff development activities and in-service education. 
  • Supervise the social work assistant once monthly. 
  • Participate in discharge planning. 
  • Provides short term individual counseling, community resource planning and crisis intervention. 
  • Assume responsibility for self-development by continually striving to improve his/her Medical Social Worker practice through formal education, attendance at workshops and conferences, active participation in professional and related organizational meetings, and individual research and reading.

Skilled Medical Social Work Services:

  • Assess the client's potential to cope with his/her social and health problems. 
  • Act as consultant to the members of the health team, assists them in understanding the social, emotional and environmental factors related to the client's health problems. 
  • Help clients to utilize the resources of their families and the community. 
  • Provide rehabilitative and supportive casework. 
  • Assist clients and their families in coping with personal and environmental difficulties which might predispose them toward illness or interfere with obtaining maximum benefits from medical care. 

Job Conditions:

  • The ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing in English is required. 
  • The ability to access clients' homes which may not be routinely wheelchair accessible is required. 

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